Stephanie Connell is the progeny of an Irish acting father and a renowned film editing mother.  She trained professionally as a ballerina at the Hampshire Ballet School, where Anthony Dowell first studied and after quite literally breaking her leg, discovering that dancing and ski-ing did not mix, she continued with acting instead.  She trained at NIDA and did a RADA Refresher Course with Caroline Eves and Robert Palmer, Role Play Skills with Paul Clayton.  She is represented by Keith Hopkins/Barrie Stacey at Blue Star Associates.

She has played numerous theatrical roles, and more recently Go for it, Girl! (September 2018 short tour); Beneath the Blue Rinse (lighting technician and co-producer, 2018 short tour); The Wet Peacock and The Owl & Pussy-Cat: What Happened Next (October 2017 short tour); The Wet Peacock and Heart Broken, (May 2017 short tour);  Silent on the Matter (Old Fire Station, Oxford); William Langland, Poet & Dreamer (Malvern Festival); Storyteller (Watermill); The Merry Wives of Essex (Watermill); Best Laid Plans (Soho); The Song of the Shore (Windsor Festival); The Nearly Man (Windsor Festival); The Merry Wives of Windsor (Salisbury); An Inspector Calls (Everyman Cheltenham & Oxford Playhouse); Table Manners (Wycombe Swan).  In Melbourne, Les Liaisons Dangereuses; Bold Girls; The Norman Conquest Trilogy, to name a few.

Film and television appearances include Vauxhall Heroes Ident, The Paradox Series, Rapture, Like a Rolling Stone, Isadora, Call of the Wild, Triple Zero, Angel Baby, GSOH, Shop Spank, National Trust Away Day, Halifax fp, Good Morning Australia, Oxy on the Spot and Living Dangerously.

She is an active member of Actors & Writers London and the Watermill Theatre’s Actors Forum, a trained computer systems analyst and an award winning web designer.



September 2018:  Stephanie is currently touring Go for it, Girl! for Living the Drama.

August 2018:  Both funding grants for our Care Home tour have been successful, which is wonderful news.  Thank you Oxford City Culture Fund and Arts Council England.

July 2018:  Stephanie has been cast and will be playing the part of Marjorie in Go For It, Girl! by Pauline Massey, as part of Living the Drama’s Oxford Care Home tour in September.

She has also been cast as Mags in Hit for Six by Sally Sheringham for Actors & Writers London’s Summer Competition Night which won first prize.

June/July:  On tour as a stage lighting technician for Living the Drama’s production of Beneath the Blue Rinse by Tom Glover, an outrageous comedy exposing how society views the elderly.

April:  Stephanie is co-producing with Carolyn Lloyd-Davies, Living the Drama’s production of Beneath the Blue Rinse by Tom Glover, an outrageous comedy exposing how society views the elderly.   Think ‘Tarantino meets Last of the Summer Wine’.  It has been accepted in Oxford’s Offbeat Festival in June and will have a short tour around Oxfordshire and received Arts Council England funding.  For further details.


March:  She has just finished filming an ident for Vauxhall Cars Heroes for Sky Cinema and Channel 5.

November 2017:  Stephanie and Carolyn Lloyd-Davies were interviewed by Kat Orman on BBC Radio Oxford about their recent Care Home short tours for Living the Drama.

October:  Stephanie has just finished touring as Maddy in The Wet Peacock by Caroline Morrell and Pig/Eagle/Beagle in The Owl & Pussy-Cat, What Happened Next by Viv Peto at several Oxford care homes for the active and inactive elderly, funded by Arts Council England and supported by by Living the Drama and AgeUK Oxfordshire.

June:  Stephanie’s short play Unblind Date was selected for Actors & Writers London’s Summer Competition Night.

May:  She performed Maddy in The Wet Peacock by Caroline Morrell and as Florence Badger in her short play, Heart Broken at several Oxford homes for the active and inactive elderly in May 2017 with Olivia Busby, Richard Ward and Mike Duran in the cast, directed by Lizzy McBain, funded by Arts Council England and supported by Living the Drama and AgeUK Oxfordshire.

March: As part of the Creative Team of Living the Drama. Stephanie is very involved with their Third Act project.  Third Act is an exciting Community Project started in 2016, supported by AgeUK Oxfordshire, for aspiring playwrights between 50 and 90+.  In March 2017, following crowd funding, one of the Third Act plays, Swallows by Bob Whorton was selected and professionally performed at the Old Fire Station in Oxford.  Our crew included stage designer Rosie Motion, Stage Manager Jude Thorp and Director David Trevasksi.

December 2016: Stephanie won first prize for her short play Heart Broken at Actors & Writers London’s Winter Competition in December 2016.


Stephanie is also a professional medical role player, working alongside training doctors to help medical students obtain the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours to be able to communicate effectively with patients, relatives and colleagues in varying circumstances.  She works for the NHS, training clinicians to have a better understanding of patients with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, depression, chronic pain, COPD and patients with difficult lifestyle behaviours.  She is a CSA training roleplayer.

Stephanie has just been appointed as the CSA Medical Roleplayer Co-ordinator for The Horton Postgraduate Centre, Banbury and for GP Registration, Oxford.


TVU Media Award 2007 for Best Actress for Like a Rolling Stone

Nominated for Best Actress for The Bold Girls, 1996 Waverley Festival, Melbourne

Oh yes that was some performance.. you did it, you did it all. The audience were hanging on every line ….So much raw emotion energy lightness, you had it all.

Maurice Thorogood

Director, Liz Felding in Past Forward

When you did the first reading of Betty I was completely ‘knocked out’“.

The late Anthony Murphy

Playwright, Betty Taylor in Skating on Thin Ice

Wow. An awesome display of total commitment. No easy task to achieve such deep emotion, to ‘live’ the moment so fully. A casting director’s dream, because clearly you could handle anything less demanding as well – which makes this type of “All-In” audition a wise, strategic approach. Best of luck to you! Cb

Christian Badami

Lead Actor, Audition: Karen in The Interior

Stephanie, good job. Just the right measure of pace and unflinching school mistress. You have also given thought to your relationship with Mendel in this clip, which is very subtle and was missed by most.”

Eve Hawking & Steve Nesbit

Producer & Director, Screen Test: Lena Kusta, Rapture

“Stephanie, these three clips do you proud. You live up to your excellent reputation and even force us to think beyond what has been written… TWICE!  We could go on and on about how great you are, but it’s already been said. You are a fine, fine actor and a wonderful influence on this whole project.” 

Eve Hawking & Steve Nesbit

Screen Tests: Alek Bardici, Lena Kusta & Eshu, Rapture

You were so moving and very real and good… how great and utterly believable you were.”

Carolyn Pertwee

Playwright, Past Forward

You were absolutely wonderful on Monday night, a truly moving and beautifully realised performance, congratulations to you and the rest of the cast. A fine play.”

Martin Wimbush

Betty Taylor in Skating on Thin Ice

Stephanie great work here, your Sandra was certainly flirty and sassy, but there was a definite edge to her that allowed us to understand the predator within – it was mainly in your eyes and how you used them as a tool. Having achieved this layering, the final notes of comedy were just missing or not pronounced enough. That’s a minor criticism of an great audition.”

GSOH Reviewing Team

Screen Test: Sandra in GSOH

Stephanie, this is a strong performance. Your Eshu reeks of authority, intelligence, sophistication and threat. You sell this performance alone with your eyes. Your best and bravest work yet.”

Eve Hawking & Steve Nesbit

Producer & Director, Screen Test: Eshu, Crime Lord, Rapture

Your face is a picture of heartache. This is solid work that continues to prove your range and talent. Great stuff.”

After Stephanie’s two auditions, the producer and the director were so impressed they changed the character’s gender to female, and renamed him Alika Bardici.

Eve Hawking & Steve Nesbit

Producer & Director, Screen Test: Alek Bardici, Rapture

You were unbelievable good last night – amazing acting in a great play. You had all the emotion and drama in there. Congratulations.”

Lea Sellers

Liz Felding in Past Forward

Many thanks for playing Cindy so beautifully last night. Just right and great fun. I thought the whole evening was excellent.”

Nicolas Ridley

Playwright, Cindy in The Mistress Bedroom

“Stephanie, this was very enjoyable, well done. It’s a difficult brief and you gave yourself a clever helping hand by adopting the school mistress style character. Excellent decision making here. You clearly knew there was a comedy moment in the whole “It’s complicated” section and you went digging nicely for it. Great work.”

GSOH Reviewing Team

Producer, Screen Test: Patricia in GSOH

The casting too is superb, individually and when mixed together….and equally impressive….The production was marvellous.”

Jeremy Austin

The Stage, Ruth in Table Manners, Wycombe Swan

Both Astrid Manfield and Stephanie Connell were nominees for the Best Actress award.   I would not have liked to have had to split them, they were both fantastic. Suspension of disbelief was very easy watching these two; it is impossible to say how much I enjoyed their performances.  Astrid won, and I thought it was unfair.   Had Stephanie won, I would also have thought it was unfair.

George Bissett

Marie in Bold Girls, Melbourne